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The Kantus are Locust priests/monks who are the ruling caste just beneath the Queen herself. They are used to communicate around the Hollow by using their powerful screeches, and as medics on the field. They wield a Gorgon Burst Pistol and use Ink Grenades on occasion. They have special abilities that give them the power to revive downed Locust soldiers and they can also spawn Tickers on the battlefield. They may also be able to use this scream to control the Rift Worm as their leader Skorge can. They wear a mixture of robes and combat armor which seems to be attached to small rings bounded into their skin, alongside a crown-like helmet for protection. Kantus' hands look as though they are bleeding but they're not. Kantus are usually found underground in the Hollow and rarely seen on the surface of Sera.

Very little is known about the Kantus. Although not making an appearance in the first game, they seem to be high ranking Locust who have a spiritual role in the Hollow. Their incredibly loud primal screams are used for long distance communications in the Hollow.


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is the High Priest of the Kantus. His personal equipment consists of Ink Grenades, a modified Gorgon Burst Pistol with a bigger magazine and the ability to have continous fire instead of burst-fire, and his personal staff with chainsaws on each end. Like the regular Kantus monks he uses his vocals cords to communicate with Rock Worms and even the Locust deity, the Rift Worm, which he leads to destroy the cities of Tollen, Montevado, and Ilima. He can also summon Tickers and can perform incredibly high jumps, displaying great agility. He also has a personal Reaver-like creature known as the Hydra.