The Grenadier is a larger, stronger, and, tougher Locust. While the Grenadiers can be counted among the Drones, they are generally stronger and bulkier. In battle, they often leave their upper torsos completely unarmored, possibly due to their lower life expectancy. Their faces are vaguely crocodilian, with larger teeth, adding to their menace. The Grenadiers prefer close combat, and their weapon of choice is the Gnasher Shotgun. Grenadiers are not the most intelligent beings and have a habit of rushing blindly toward their opponents, completely forgoing cover. They can throw grenades quite well, however, and if one is present with other Drones, you should make him your priority, as he excels over other Drones in all aspects of combat. Grenadiers should never be taken lightly. The Gnasher Shotgun is quite powerful and his grenade throws can be quite accurate during any engagement. In Gears of War 2, they have been seen using a Boltok pistol at ranges too far for a shotgun to be effective.