Drones or Grubs are the foot soldiers of the Locust Horde. Having pure loyalty to their Queen, the Drones are willing to toss their lives away in a second to kill a Gear.



The Grenadier is a Drone variant that is larger, and stronger, than the regular Drone.

Flame GrenadierEdit

The Flame Grenadier is a Drone variant that wields a Scorcher.

Grenadier EliteEdit

The Grenadier Elite is a higher ranked Grenadier that can deal and take more damage.

Beast RiderEdit

The Beast Rider is a Drone variant that is found either riding a Bloodmount, a Reaver, or as a crew member on a Torture Barge.


The Bolter is a Drone variant that is equipped with a Boltok Pistol.


The Cyclops is a Drone variant that is stronger, and more aggressive, than the regular Drone.


The Grappler is a shock trooper, they use grappling hooks and wear special helmets that help them adjust to changes in light.


The Gunner is a Drone variant that is an expert with a Troika Heavy Turret.


The Sniper is an expert marksman with a Longshot Sniper Rifle and wears Infrared/Thermal goggles.

Theron GuardEdit

The Theron Guard surpasses a regular Drone in terms of intelligence, equipment, and training.

Theron SentinelEdit

The Theron Sentinel is an elite Theron Guard. They usually lead squads of Theron Guards and other Locusts into combat.

Palace GuardEdit

The Palace Guard title is given to a Theron Sentinel that is selected as a bodyguard of the Queen.

Savage GrenadierEdit

The Savage Grenadier is a Drone that has reverted back to its primal ways, becoming barbarian-like.